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Tales of Soera

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  • soera@livejournal.com
This is a creative journal for amsdia.

Please note that this journal is slash-friendly. That means homosexual relationships, for those who don't know.

This journal hosts both original (what little of it there is) work as well as fanwork. It is host largely to fanfiction in a number of fandoms, as well as some fanart.

soera has a policy of never posting a work that's not already completed on her computer. This is a policy she learned the hard way to adopt, after repeatedly running out of inspiration on multi-chapter stories, in her early ficcing days. Fans of Endymion, she offers her sincere apologies. The third and last chapter may eventually be posted, but she would not advise you to hold your breath.

She does not offer her incomplete stories for adoption. She's selfish that way.

She is more than happy to accept fanart, fanmixes, etc for her work. She's also happy to allow translations/podficcing etc, with the caveat that anyone interested in this contact her first. She will in all likelihood give you permission as long as she has a link to the translated/etc content in the end.

Please feel free to friend this journal if you'd like to keep track of the fics. Her policy is not to friend back, but all fics are public anyway. You do not have to request permission to bookmark/memory/etc her fics, or to save a personal copy, but please do NOT repost them anywhere. If you happen to come across her fics reposted elsewhere by someone else, please let her know.

Readers may refer to the Master List of Fiction, or to the tags page to find stories relevant to their interests. soera loves comments, [/unsubtle hint].

Time for a long-overdue overhaul of the journal appearance. Sticking with a default look for now; will be looking into a more customised appearance as and when time/life allows. Let me know if this look is difficult on the eyes!

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