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This is a probably long overdue notice about my vanishing from this journal for... quite a while now.

To sum up, RL has been beating me up a bit for a while now. I don't care to go into detail; suffice it to say that fanfiction hasn't been on my to-do list because of that. I've got a few bits and bobs I sometimes think of posting but never get around to because I just don't have the energy to spare - otherwise, I've done next to no writing at all, other than for school.

It wasn't a planned hiatus. Things just sort of... fell by the wayside.

Funnily enough, I have been doing some sketching, maybe because it's cathartic scribbling wild lines all over a drawing and then fixing it with a Ctrl+Z. My artwork is on my new tumblr here. There's not much up. Don't expect great work, or great volumes of it either. It's pretty much just stress relief - I don't worry about the quality of my art because it's more a hobby than my writing (which I take more seriously) is. Feel free to suggest stuff for me to draw, but remember my artistic skills are limited and I may not be able to manage what you want.

As for the status of my fanfiction... let's take it by fandom:

  • A short oneshot I'll probably (maybe) post before S3 airs.
  • A couple more stories in the Affection-verse. Complete, but I'm not quite happy with them, hence their not being posted.
  • A long fic I was working on before RL sank its teeth into me - I know what I want to do, but I can't spare the energy for it and since it will be wildly non-compliant with S3, I might wind up losing all motivation in any case. We'll see.
  • A few scenes from an alternate canon fic (because I'm a sucker for Sherlock and John meeting as children), but no semblance of coherence as of yet.

  • A crack oneshot involving sentient ink and a long-suffering Ianto (as always); incomplete, no idea how to end it. Woe.
  • Yet another Ianto-centric alternate canon (no, I can never write too many). This one's more of... an idea. That may not actually have been written down. At all. Probably either longish or a series of shorter one-shots.

  • Torchwood/Sherlock Crossover: it's an idea that wouldn't bloody let go of me. Have the introductory scenes done, but not much motivation to go on at the moment.
  • KomaHoshi: Long oneshot; half done, no idea how to end it. This one's been in limbo for so long, oh my god.
  • Naruto: Kakashi/Naruto, time-travel, alternate canon. Largely because what the hell is going on in canon seriously I give up. Also not sure where to go with this, again, because, what the hell is going on in canon I don't know how much I want to put in or ignore altogether.
  • Star Trek XI: Tarsus IV fic. This... is actually complete. I don't know if I'm quite happy with it though, which is why it hasn't been posted.
  • Young Avengers: Billy/Teddy; fanmix with accompanying fic. Fanmix is done; fic is two-ninths done. Noooo motivation whatsoever to complete.

So, I don't know that I want to officially declare a hiatus because that'll probably be when I'll actually get inspiration and start writing (... hm.) but yeah, don't expect much from me for a while longer.

Except. If anyone's okay with prompting with the understanding they may not get a fic... maybe leave me some fic prompts (Sherlock, either BBC or ACD canon) on this post, please? I'm hoping something might kickstart the creative juices. I want to write. I'm just finding it exceedingly hard to do so these days.

Thanks for understanding, all (two) of you reading this. =)
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