soera (soera) wrote,

A non-fic related post! Astounding, I know.

This is actually an opportunity for me to fangirl over my best friend for a bit. If you'll look over to the right (wait, come on over to my page and look to the right. Looking to the right of your flist isn't gonna work) - you'll see three links in my List o'Links. The first should be self-explanatory. The other two are both blogs that my best friend Areale writes.

The Chronological Institute is a science-fiction series she posts sporadically, as and when the mood takes her (if you bug her a little, perhaps she'll write more). It is, in my absolutely unbiased opinion, a fun romp through time and physics - by turns sad, thought-provoking and utterly hilarious. I personally adore Fonty (and I take full credit for inspiring the nickname, which has since become canon), and I'm certain that you'll find stories/characters you like in the series too. As of yet, there's not a huge number of stories - five short stories of varying lengths - but I'm hopeful that we'll soon see more from this series.

The Seventh Colour is a science blog. It's a space for Areale to discuss anything that takes her fancy in the field of science. It's not all dry and boring stuff, for those of you who've tuned out at the word "science" - it's a personal take on some fascinating scientific ideas and innovations. She recently wrote a post on how to build a spaceship, just to give you a sense of her posts. Her writing is always accessible, often tongue-in-cheek, and always has a kernel of child-like enthusiasm and wonder at its heart.

If any of this sounds at all interesting to you, do go check out her blogs! And if you've got your own spaceship design at hand, why not share it?
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