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Affection-verse Master List

Master post for this 'verse, largely because I keep writing these ficlets out of order. Thus far they're being posted in order, but I'd like to keep my options open for the future. =D

Fandom: Sherlock BBC
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Primarily John and Sherlock, with cameos from other characters. Starts out gen and eventually moves into John/Sherlock.
Ratings/Warnings: Mostly PG-13 with no warnings - so quite safe - but please check the individual fics as there may be the occasional one that doesn't follow the pattern.
Author's Notes: This series is NOT S2-compliant, as it was begun pre-S2 and the nature of the first story precludes any retrospective attempts at canon-compliance. I might see if I can later work in some elements of S2, but I certainly won't be following the plots of the episodes.

1. With Affection Thereafter
The bomb explodes. John reacts.
John, Sherlock | PG-13 | 11/08/2011

2. A Portion of Thyself
John pays a visit to his lawyer, and Sherlock finds once again that some things John decides are beyond his abilities to deduce.
John, Sherlock | PG-13 | 27/08/2011

3. Breaking Through
Sherlock deals with his social ineptitude by verbally eviscerating anything within sight. John deals with Sherlock by making tea.
John, Sherlock | PG-13 | 01/03/2012

4. The First Test
Sherlock thinks either he or the entire world has to change (and it’s not going to be him). John decides he’s going to try and change both.
John, Sherlock | PG | 21/04/2012
Tags: fic, john watson, john/sherlock, sherlock bbc, sherlock holmes
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