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NB: All fics from 2016 onwards will be posted over at AO3!


Bat-verse || Bleach || Detective Conan/Case Closed ||Final Fantasy VII || FullMetal Alchemist || Harry Potter || Hawaii Five-0 || Jigoku Shoujo || Komatta Toki ni wa Hoshi ni Kike! || Kyou Kara Maou! || Loveless || Merlin || Naruto || Ouran High School Host Club || Prince of Tennis || RPF/RPS || The Sentinel || Shaman King || Sherlock (BBC) || Torchwood



Stimulus [29/08/2005]
Quick Fit [29/08/2005]
Me, Unnamed [25/08/2005]
Memories [06/08/2005]
Forty Days [04/08/2005]
Flowering [05/06/2005]



let it snow
A quiet moment together. Christmas 2010 comment!fic.
Bruce/Dick | PG | 27/12/2010

Fic snippet 1
Dick isn’t expecting this call. A snapshot from a longer fic; incomplete.
Bruce/Dick | G | 07/03/2008

So there’s this charity costume party, right? And Dick decides to dress up in the original Robin costume for it. Bruce has many Opinions about this.
There are three ways this could have played out.
Bruce/Dick | PG-13 | 16/02/2008

It’s in what they don’t say.
Bruce/Dick | PG-13 | 25/01/2008


acquiring illusions
Ichigo, Uryuu, and the trials of having your children date each other. Christmas 2012 comment!fic.
Ichigo, Uryuu | PG | 17/01/2013

an outstretched hand
Despite all appearances, there’s something that Hisagi and Orihime do have in common. Christmas 2012 comment!fic.
Hisagi, Orihime | G | 17/01/2013

The Little Things
Ryuuken reflects on his parenting skills.
Ryuuken | PG | 28/09/2005

Drabbles 1
As the title says.
Ichigo/Ishida, Renji/Byakura, Hitsugaya | PG-13 | 10/06/2005

It’s Ishida’s birthday, and Ichigo is determined to celebrate it.
Ichigo/Ishida | PG | 30/05/2005

Detective Conan/Case Closed

The Way They Are
Shinichi calls Heiji, Heiji answers, and they discuss philosophy and change. Only, you know, not.
Heiji, Shinichi | PG-13 | 15/03/2011

Final Fantasy VII

Endymion Part 1a; Part 1b; Part 2a; Part 2b
Cloud writes home to his mother. A semi-AU epistolary novella. INCOMPLETE.
Sephiroth/Cloud | PG-13 | 06/04/2006 -

FullMetal Alchemist

It’s his job to think, but over-thinking things can be a curse.
Hughes | PG-13 | 14/06/2005

Harry Potter

but the snow makes things pretty
Harry, Hermione and an unsuspecting Draco. Snowball fights are always the best way to get over past enmities. Christmas 2010 comment!fic.
Harry, Hermione, Draco | G | 27/12/2010

Hawaii Five-0

truth in books
Danny has a bone to pick with Jeff.
Set after Textual Analysis; or, How a Book Changed Danny's Life. Christmas 2011 comment!fic.
Danny, implied Steve/Danny | G | 27/12/2011

like children, we never stop hoping
Grace isn’t the perfect child, Danny isn’t the perfect dad, and Steve isn’t the perfect partner. Christmas 2011 comment!fic.
Steve/Danny | PG | 27/12/2011

lending a hand
Grace’s first Christmas, and the origins of the Santa suit tradition. Christmas 2011 comment!fic.
Danny/Rachel, Grace | G | 26/12/2011

Steve’s been odd all day. Christmas 2011 comment!fic.
Steve/Danny | PG | 26/12/2011

the splendid ones
Danny’s in the hospital again, but he’s got Grace and Steve with him, and it’s all fine. Christmas 2011 comment!fic.
Steve, Danny, Grace | PG | 26/12/2011

So Danny’s actually kind of terrible at swimming. Christmas 2011 comment!fic.
Steve/Danny | PG-13 | 25/12/2011

lesson #1
Steve can’t ski. Danny’s enjoying this far too much. Christmas 2011 comment!fic.
Steve/Danny | PG | 25/12/2011

Textual Analysis; or, How a Book Changed Danny's Life
Sometimes, it takes fresh eyes to see what’s in front of you.
So yeah, Steve and Danny are married, even if it’s taken them a while – and a book – to realise it.
Steve/Danny | PG-13 | 26/05/2011

An Excerpt From Got Your Back: A Study of Partnerships in Law Enforcement
As the title says. A page out of the book mentioned in Textual Analysis; or, How a Book Changed Danny's Life.
Steve, Danny | G | 15/05/2011

Jigoku Shoujo

He’ll be just like all the others, willing to sacrifice his soul for revenge. Except he isn’t.
Ren/OC | Light R | 04/03/2006

Komatta Toki ni wa Hoshi ni Kike!

saving the princess
Reiichi is disturbing, Takara is disturbed, and Kiyomine is possessive. Business as usual, then. Christmas 2010 comment!fic.
Kiyomine/Takara, Reiichi, Okuno | PG | 27/12/2010

Kyou Kara Maou!

chained to you
Yuuri and Conrad are all tied up. Christmas 2012 comment!fic.
Yuuri/Conrad | PG-13 | 17/01/2013

infinity in the palm of your hand
Yuuri counts every time Conrad touches his face, and then takes matters into his own hands. 5+1 format. Christmas 2012 comment!fic.
Yuuri/Conrad | PG | 17/01/2013

strength to lean on
There are upsides to having a fever. Christmas 2012 comment!fic.
Yuuri, Conrad | G | 17/01/2013


Soubi would kill Ritsuka’s mother for him, if he asked.
Soubi/Ritsuka | PG-13 | 0409/2005


However many times they’re reborn, Merlin’s magic always feels like home to Arthur. Christmas 2011 comment!fic.
Arthur/Merlin | PG | 25/12/2011


what lies beneath
Naruto’s not what Kakashi had been led to believe he was. AU meeting. Christmas 2012 comment!fic.
Kakashi, Naruto | PG | 17/01/2013

the words in the quiet
Sometimes, Kakashi has to say it. Christmas 2012 comment!fic.
Kakashi/Naruto | PG-13 | 17/01/2013

red lipstick
The lipstick is bright and red on Naruto’s lips, and the dress fits him perfectly. Christmas 2010 comment!fic.
Kakashi/Naruto | PG-13 | 26/12/2010

Of Ladybugs and Scissors
It’s a little thing, but those are the important ones.
Naruto/Sasuke | PG | 14/02/2006

Five Steps
There are five steps to any successful relationship.
Naruto/Sasuke | PG-13 | 11/12/2005

Yesterday, Sasuke came back to Konoha.
Naruto, Sasuke | PG | 04/08/2005

Ouran High School Host Club

The duality of their relationship expressed itself in odd ways.
Hikaru/Kaoru | PG | 23/06/2006

He wonders, sometimes, if he isn’t a bit of a narcissist.
Hikaru/Kaoru | PG | 18/06/2006

Prince of Tennis

Tezuka takes a long time deciding. Ryoma’s patient.
Tezuka/Ryoma | PG | 04/04/2009

The Winding Path Part One; Part Two; Part Three
It’s Ryoma’s second year in Seigaku, but his journey’s just beginning.
Ryoma-centric, Tezuka/Ryoma pre-slash | PG | 20/09/2008

Kaleidoscope Part One; Part Two
Tennis is his life, has always been his life, that’s what he’s always thought. But now that it really is, he’s not sure he likes it.
Tezuka/Ryoma | Light R | 30/07/2008

Fic snippet 2
Kirihara really should be careful about whose blood he chooses to drink. A snapshot from a longer fic that will never see light of day.
Kirihara/Kamio | PG | 24/11/2005

Fic snippet 1
It’s a big university; it’s not like they’ll run into each other. A snapshot from a longer fic that will never see light of day.
Kirihara/Kamio | G | 21/11/2005

The Adventures of Yagyuu Hiroshi
Yagyuu arrived at the city at the turn of the century. Written as an experiment in the Gothic style.
Yagyuu/Niou | G | 17/07/2005

I try to justify myself, I realise. All the time.
Hiyoshi-centric, Hiyoshi/Ohtori, Shishido/Ohtori | PG-13 | 02/06/2005


soft and cuddly
Giant inflatable panda! No, seriously, they have to do the photoshoot with this thing. Christmas 2010 comment!fic.
Frank/Gerard, Ray, Mikey | G | 26/12/2010

i won’t even wish for snow
All I want for Christmas is you. Christmas 2010 comment!fic.
Frank/Gerard | G | 25/12/2010

The Sentinel

and on earth peace
Naomi doesn’t celebrate Christmas. Jim should have expected this. Christmas 2010 comment!fic.
Jim/Blair | G | 23/12/2010

be my high school scandal
“I was hoping for embarrassing high school stories,” Blair says. Christmas 2010 comment!fic.
Jim/Blair | PG | 23/12/2010


Past Imperfect
It’s easier than he thought it would be, facing his childhood.
Jim, Blair | PG-13 | 06/07/2008

Restoring Blair’s reputation takes the combined might of three determined Ellisons. Post-TSbyBS.
Jim, Blair | PG-13 | 06/07/2008

Shaman King

Drabbles 1
As the title says. Mostly revolving around Hao and Yoh’s relationship.
Hao, Yoh | PG-13 | 21/07/2005

Sherlock (BBC)

serenity, courage, wisdom
Sherlock makes a terrible guide. John doesn’t care. Blair watches. Crossover with The Sentinel. Christmas 2012 comment!fic.
John, Blair | G | 17/01/2013

silver into gold
Sherlock and John are perhaps not the best hostages to take. AU meeting. Christmas 2012 comment!fic.
John | PG | 17/01/2013

for the conscience is the voice of the heart
John Watson is insufferable even when he’s not there. Christmas 2012 comment!fic.
Sherlock | G | 17/01/2013

we’re all mad here
The future is now unknown. Set after The Great Puzzle. Christmas 2012 comment!fic.
John, Sherlock | PG | 17/01/2013

the illusion of change
Domesticity in 221B Baker Street will never last long, but John will enjoy it while it does. Christmas 2012 comment!fic.
John, Sherlock | PG | 17/01/2013

the fidelity of dogs
If people are insufferable in the wake of Sherlock’s death, then John will turn his attention to animals. Christmas 2012 comment!fic.
John | PG | 17/01/2013

Affection-verse - Master List here
Moments in the lives of John and Sherlock. These fics can mostly be read as standalones as well, though I see them as part of the same ‘verse. Not S2-compliant.
Gen, progressing to John/Sherlock | PG-13 | 11/08/2011 – 01/03/2012

Save the Hazelnut
Post-Reichenbach. In which miracles take time, and there is a particularly delicious explanation for the Vatican cameos.
John | PG-13 | 25/02/2012

Waiting To Be Known
John Watson has been saving Sherlock's life for a very long time, even if he doesn't know it.
John/Sherlock | R | 14/02/2012

The Great Puzzle: Chapter One Part One; Part Two; Chapter Two Part One; Part Two; Chapter Three Part One; Part Two
Sherlock has never encountered a more interesting puzzle than Dr John Watson.
John/Sherlock | Light R | 31/12/2011 – 14/01/2012

damsel in distress
The idiot they’ve kidnapped has the sort of face you want to beat up on, just because. Christmas 2011 comment!fic.
John/Sherlock | PG-13 | 26/12/2011

no gems of any kind
Joan’s always had a thing for long hair, and Rowena’s is the prettiest she’s seen in a long time. Christmas 2011 comment!fic.
fem!John/fem!Sherlock | PG | 25/12/2011

naughty and nice
Undercover as Santa and his elf. John does a lot for Sherlock, sometimes. Christmas 2011 comment!fic.
John/Sherlock | G | 25/12/2011

In Which John Is A Disney Princess
Animals like John. They like him a lot. Lestrade is confused, John is pragmatic, and Sherlock feels like he's in a Disney movie.
John, Sherlock | PG-13 | 11/12/2011


the grief inside your bones
There’s a second Cyberman invasion. Ianto has a point to prove. Christmas 2012 comment!fic.
Jack, Ianto | PG | 17/01/2013

always the quiet ones
When all else fails, Ianto saves the day. Christmas 2012 comment!fic.
Team | PG | 17/01/2013

in the season of sorrow
Dan wants a sibling. This is a bigger problem than it seems. Set after Sixty Minutes An Hour. Christmas 2012 comment!fic.
Jack/Ianto | PG-13 | 17/01/2013

an earlier heaven
Jack’s first proper Christmas is spent with his team in the Hub. Christmas 2012 comment!fic.
Team, Jack/Ianto | PG | 17/01/2013

trust me and fall
Ianto is too young-old for Jack to give up on. The aftermath of Cyberwoman. Christmas 2012 comment!fic.
Jack, Ianto | PG-13 | 17/01/2013

tangled up in you
Jack can only hope that he hasn’t missed his chance. Porn!AU (with very little porn). Christmas 2012 comment!fic.
Jack/Ianto | Light R | 17/01/2013

being counted
Jack, Ianto and a joint family dinner. This cannot end well. Christmas 2012 comment!fic.
Jack/Ianto | PG | 17/01/2013

devil’s in the details
In which Ianto and Toshiko save the day. Christmas 2012 comment!fic.
Team | PG | 17/01/2013

an instinct deeply ingrained
John Hart is far too careless. Ianto is not pleased. Christmas 2012 comment!fic.
John, Ianto | PG-13 | 17/01/2013

being seen
It is always something of a surprise to Ianto when someone flirts with him. Christmas 2011 comment!fic.
Jack/Ianto | PG | 26/12/2011

test of worthiness
Jack dreams in shades of blue. Set in the world of The Waters and the Wild. Christmas 2011 comment!fic.
Jack/Ianto | PG-13 | 26/12/2011

christmas traditions
Ianto’s track record with Christmas has historically been terrible. Christmas 2011 comment!fic.
Jack/Ianto | PG-13 | 26/12/2011

would you wait?
He’ll take what Jack gives him and turn a blind eye when, inevitably, what he gives Jack isn’t enough. Christmas 2011 comment!fic.
Jack/Ianto | G | 26/12/2011

The thing about being immortal is that you forget. Christmas 2011 comment!fic.
Jack/Ianto | G | 25/12/2011

sorrows know how to swim
It should have been a childish game, but it’s hitting too close to home. Christmas 2011 comment!fic.
Jack/Ianto | PG-13 | 25/12/2011

Some Blessed Hope
Jack loves Ianto. It doesn't matter which version of Jack, or which version of Ianto. Some things are constant.
Jack/Ianto | PG-13 | 20/07/2011

Never Without A Reason
Five times Ianto wanted to punch Owen but didn't, and one time he did.
Ianto, Owen, Jack/Ianto |PG-13 | 26/06/2011

The Spirit of Torchwood Part One; Part Two; Part Three; Part Four
The one in which Ianto can see ghosts.
Ianto-centric, Jack/Ianto | Light R | 21/05/2011 – 10/06/2011

A Hat to Cover Your Heart
Some things are said; some aren’t. There’s always fallout. Sequel to Something You Play.
Ianto-centric, minor Jack/Ianto pre-slash | PG-13 | 21/04/2011

Something You Play
Ianto hasn’t finished atoning.
Ianto-centric, minor Ianto/Lisa, Jack/Ianto pre-slash | PG-13 | 27/03/2011

The Colonisation of Captain Jack
There’s alien graffiti and pheromones and abuse of Jack’s coat. Also, bubbles.
Team-fic, minor Jack/Ianto | PG-13 | 04/02/2011

Sweet As Love
In which a sacrilegious possibility is put forth, and life, love and longing are discussed via beverage metaphors.
Ianto/Lisa, minor Jack/Ianto | PG-13 | 09/01/2011

a time for family
Christmas meant pretending she was a normal person, someone who could become friends with her colleagues, who was important to them, who had people who cared about her. Christmas 2010 comment!fic.
Toshiko, Jack/Ianto | G | 27/12/2010

he is dashing, you have to give him that
The thing that makes Jack truly strong is that he takes the blame for the bad missions. Christmas 2010 comment!fic.
Jack/Ianto | G | 27/12/2010

twelfth night
Mistletoe’s meant to be lucky. Set in the world of The Waters and the Wild. Christmas 2010 comment!fic.
Jack/Ianto | PG | 27/12/2010

a better offer
There was a blue police box in Ianto’s living room. Christmas 2010 comment!fic.
Jack/Ianto | G | 27/12/2010

stick it out to the end
What kind of song is about umbrellas? Christmas 2010 comment!fic.
Owen/Gwen | G | 26/12/2010

and speak wise words
Ianto’s drunk, and Jack (mostly) doesn’t believe what he’s saying. Christmas 2010 comment!fic.
Jack/Ianto | G | 26/12/2010

play me a song
Ianto doesn’t play the piano. Jack does. Reason enough for Ianto to buy a piano. Christmas 2010 comment!fic.
Jack/Ianto | G | 26/12/2010

for our sins
Ianto hadn’t been expecting Jack’s enthusiasm for Christmas. Christmas 2010 comment!fic.
Jack/Ianto | G | 26/12/2010

pull me out when i’m drowning
Jack needs looking after. Ianto’s willing. Christmas 2010 comment!fic.
Jack/Ianto | G | 26/12/2010

santa’ll come a-calling
So, Santa’s an alien and his reindeer are high on drugs. Ianto doesn’t get paid enough for this. Christmas 2010 comment!fic.
Jack/Ianto | PG-13 | 25/12/2010

something beautiful
Ianto watches the death of the Sun with the Face of Boe. Christmas 2010 comment!fic.
Jack/Ianto | PG | 25/12/2010

On the Origin of Purple Dinosaurs
In which the team discovers how purple dinosaurs came to be.
Team-fic, Jack/Ianto | PG-13 | 18/11/2010

A Hundred and Fifty Years
In which Jack Harkness meets a quiet young man who knows far more than he should.
Jack/Ianto | Light R | 05/11/2010

a clearer light
Five times Ianto almost tells Jack he loves him, and the one time he actually gets around to it.
Jack/Ianto | PG-13 | 05/11/2010

Sixty Minutes an Hour Part One; Part Two; Part Three; Part Four
In which Ianto falls through the Rift and finds himself two centuries in his future – 1996. Now he has to adapt to modern life, including formal schooling, cars, new laws, and one Jack Harkness.
Jack/Ianto | NC-17 | 18/10/2010 – 01/11/2010

The Life and Times of Captain Jack Harkness
Exactly what the title says. Jack’s life, through joining and leaving the Time Agency, meeting and being left behind by the Doctor, and joining Torchwood.
Jack | PG-13 | 30/09/2010

At The Day’s End
Jack’s returned from the Year That Never Was, but rewriting the year doesn’t mean it never happened.
Jack/Ianto | NC-17 | 14/05/2010

Green Clouds and Evil Cheese
A day in the life. Ianto takes the day off.
Jack/Ianto | PG-13 | 02/08/2010

A Man of Goodwill
There are many ways that Ianto Jones' life could have gone.
Ianto/Lisa | PG-13 | 01/07/2010

The Waters and the Wild Part One; Part Two; Part Three
The Torchwood team comprises Jack, Owen, Tosh and Gwen. They've just encountered the faeries of Small Worlds. Unfortunately, they've also caught the eye of another type of faerie, and he's rather intrigued by Jack.
Jack/Ianto | NC-17 | 26/05/2010 – 22/06/2010
-- a Russian translation of The Waters and the Wild, by ai_2005, is available at this site,, or on AO3. Thank you, Ai!

Tickled Pink
It’s Valentine’s, and everything pink in Cardiff is vanishing.
Jack/Ianto, Gwen | PG-13 | 13/02/2010

Counting Stars - Master List here
Jack and Ianto’s relationship, as it develops throughout S1 and S2. Spins off into AU towards the latter half of S2.
Jack/Ianto, minor Gwen/Rhys and Owen/Tosh | NC-17 | 29/01/2010 – 25/05/2010

Rule Five
It’s been two weeks, and Jack’s getting desperate. PWP. No, really. Just… PWP.
Jack/Ianto | NC-17 | 29/06/2009

Rarely Pure, Never Simple
Ianto dies, and wakes up in the afterlife. Post-CoE Day 4.
Jack/Ianto | PG-13 | 29/06/2009


Christmas 2012 comment!fics
Multiple fandoms – comment!fics are also individually listed under their respective fandoms in the “Fanfiction” section.

Christmas 2011 comment!fics
Multiple fandoms – comment!fics are also individually listed under their respective fandoms in the “Fanfiction” section.

Christmas 2010 comment!fics
Multiple fandoms – comment!fics are also individually listed under their respective fandoms in the “Fanfiction” section.

Multiple fandoms; 31/12/2005

Please let me know if there are any broken/inaccurate links; I'll edit as soon as possible. Hope this makes things easier for all of you to find what you want! =D
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