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[sticky post]Master List of Fiction
Please let me know if there are any broken/inaccurate links; I'll edit as soon as possible. Hope this makes things easier for all of you to find what you want! =D
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New fics!
I'm posting again!

In new fandoms and on a new platform, though: find me over at AO3 for any new fics I post. As of right now, there's a Free! fic up, plus a few Nirvana in Fire/Langya Bang fics - this goddamn series has eaten my brain and is entirely responsible for my starting to post again.

Feels really strange to be stepping back out there, but I suppose a new fandom's the best way to do it?

This is a probably long overdue notice about my vanishing from this journal for... quite a while now.

TLDR, RL sucks, I'm way too tired to deal with fanfic. But I have an art tumblr if you're interested.Collapse )

As for the status of my fanfiction... let's take it by fandom:

Fics in varying stages of completion (except mostly not, you know, complete).Collapse )

So, I don't know that I want to officially declare a hiatus because that'll probably be when I'll actually get inspiration and start writing (... hm.) but yeah, don't expect much from me for a while longer.

Except. If anyone's okay with prompting with the understanding they may not get a fic... maybe leave me some fic prompts (Sherlock, either BBC or ACD canon) on this post, please? I'm hoping something might kickstart the creative juices. I want to write. I'm just finding it exceedingly hard to do so these days.

Thanks for understanding, all (two) of you reading this. =)

Christmas Comment!fics [2012]
Merry Christmas, everyone!

So this is turning into a yearly thing, apparently. Christmas comment!fics for all you lovely folk in fandom! I’m experimenting with the timeline this year, so this post is going up a bit later than previous years. For those who’ve been here before, do check the updated list of fandoms, and the time that prompt-taking closes. For those who haven’t, let’s go over things:

Basic InfoCollapse )

Simple enough, yes? Here are the fandoms I can write for, in alphabetical order:

FandomsCollapse )

And have a happy new year, everyone!

ETA: Prompt-taking is now closed.

ETA 2: Done! Thanks for playing, everyone!

Fanfic - The First Test [Sherlock BBC: John, Sherlock]
Title: The First Test
Rating: PG
Pairing(s)/Character(s): John, Sherlock
Warning(s): None.
Summary: Sherlock thinks either he or the entire world has to change (and it’s not going to be him). John decides he’s going to try and change both.
Part of the Affection-verse, though this can be read as a stand-alone. Not S2-compliant.

The First TestCollapse )

(no subject)
A non-fic related post! Astounding, I know.

This is actually an opportunity for me to fangirl over my best friend for a bit. If you'll look over to the right (wait, come on over to my page and look to the right. Looking to the right of your flist isn't gonna work) - you'll see three links in my List o'Links. The first should be self-explanatory. The other two are both blogs that my best friend Areale writes.

The Chronological Institute is a science-fiction series she posts sporadically, as and when the mood takes her (if you bug her a little, perhaps she'll write more). It is, in my absolutely unbiased opinion, a fun romp through time and physics - by turns sad, thought-provoking and utterly hilarious. I personally adore Fonty (and I take full credit for inspiring the nickname, which has since become canon), and I'm certain that you'll find stories/characters you like in the series too. As of yet, there's not a huge number of stories - five short stories of varying lengths - but I'm hopeful that we'll soon see more from this series.

The Seventh Colour is a science blog. It's a space for Areale to discuss anything that takes her fancy in the field of science. It's not all dry and boring stuff, for those of you who've tuned out at the word "science" - it's a personal take on some fascinating scientific ideas and innovations. She recently wrote a post on how to build a spaceship, just to give you a sense of her posts. Her writing is always accessible, often tongue-in-cheek, and always has a kernel of child-like enthusiasm and wonder at its heart.

If any of this sounds at all interesting to you, do go check out her blogs! And if you've got your own spaceship design at hand, why not share it?

(no subject)
This post has nothing to do with fic (surprise!).

Someone just sent me a V-Gift of a Snowman cookie. Whoever it was - THANK YOU. It's the first time I've received a v-gift, and you just made my day. *beams*

I was going to post a fic for you in thanks, but then I realised that I don't know which fandom you follow. So, uh, I posted a Sherlock fic anyway, but then I thought I'd just post this here as well on the off-chance you see it.

Okay, maybe this post was tangentially to do with fic. ANYWAY. Thanks again to my anonymous cookie benefactor! ♥

Fanfic - Breaking Through [Sherlock BBC: John, Sherlock]
Title: Breaking Through
Rating: PG-13
Pairing(s)/Character(s): John, Sherlock
Word Count: ~1140
Warning(s): None.
Summary: Sherlock deals with his social ineptitude by verbally eviscerating anything within sight. John deals with Sherlock by making tea.
Part of the Affection-verse, though this can be read as a stand-alone. Not S2-compliant.

Breaking ThroughCollapse )

Affection-verse Master List
Master post for this 'verse, largely because I keep writing these ficlets out of order. Thus far they're being posted in order, but I'd like to keep my options open for the future. =D

Fandom: Sherlock BBC
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Primarily John and Sherlock, with cameos from other characters. Starts out gen and eventually moves into John/Sherlock.
Ratings/Warnings: Mostly PG-13 with no warnings - so quite safe - but please check the individual fics as there may be the occasional one that doesn't follow the pattern.
Author's Notes: This series is NOT S2-compliant, as it was begun pre-S2 and the nature of the first story precludes any retrospective attempts at canon-compliance. I might see if I can later work in some elements of S2, but I certainly won't be following the plots of the episodes.

1. With Affection Thereafter
The bomb explodes. John reacts.
John, Sherlock | PG-13 | 11/08/2011

2. A Portion of Thyself
John pays a visit to his lawyer, and Sherlock finds once again that some things John decides are beyond his abilities to deduce.
John, Sherlock | PG-13 | 27/08/2011

3. Breaking Through
Sherlock deals with his social ineptitude by verbally eviscerating anything within sight. John deals with Sherlock by making tea.
John, Sherlock | PG-13 | 01/03/2012

4. The First Test
Sherlock thinks either he or the entire world has to change (and it’s not going to be him). John decides he’s going to try and change both.
John, Sherlock | PG | 21/04/2012

Fanfic - Save the Hazelnut [Sherlock BBC: John]
Title: Save the Hazelnut
Rating: PG-13
Character(s): John
Warning(s): Spoilers for S2, especially 2x03 and 2x01.
Summary: Post-Reichenbach. In which miracles take time, and there is a particularly delicious explanation for the Vatican cameos.

Save the HazelnutCollapse )

Fanfic - Waiting To Be Known [Sherlock BBC: John/Sherlock]
Title: Waiting To Be Known
Rating: R
Pairing(s): John/Sherlock
Warning(s): Implied bullying; implied suicide/suicidal ideation; minor character death; drug use; sexual violence inflicted on a child. Spoilers for S2, especially 2x03.
Summary: Written for this prompt. John Watson has been saving Sherlock's life for a very long time, even if he doesn't know it.

Waiting To Be KnownCollapse )

Fanfic - The Great Puzzle 3/3 [Sherlock BBC: John/Sherlock]
WARNING: There is a minor mention of suicidal thoughts here. It's mostly glossed over and not addressed in any depth, but you know - just in case.

The Great Puzzle: Chapter Three - Part TwoCollapse )

Admit it. How many of you thought the title was just riffing off the title of the third ep? >D
As always, CC is much appreciated!

Fanfic - The Great Puzzle 3/3 [Sherlock BBC: John/Sherlock]
Home stretch!
[And yes, another chapter divided into two. Bit unevenly split, but that was the best place to cut it so it wasn't too jarring. Curse you, LJ size limit! Curse yooooou!]

The Great Puzzle: Chapter Three - Part OneCollapse )

Fanfic - The Great Puzzle 2/3 [Sherlock BBC: John/Sherlock]
The Great Puzzle: Chapter Two - Part TwoCollapse )

Fanfic - The Great Puzzle 2/3 [Sherlock BBC: John/Sherlock]
Once again, divided into two posts because LJ's size limit can't handle the chapter in one post. Are my chapters maybe a little too long? *ponders*
Also, a shout-out and fervent thanks to the lovely folk over at little_details, who were able to help me with - well, some little details in this chapter that eventually changed the course of the fic. For the better, I think!

The Great Puzzle: Chapter Two - Part OneCollapse )